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  1. Contemporary Women Writers Look Back : From Irony to Nostalgia

    Long before John Barth announced in his famous 1967 essay that late twentieth-century fiction was "The Literature of Exhaustion," authors have been retelling and recycling stories. Learn More

  2. Intercultural Transmission in the Medieval Mediterranean

    This volume presents evidence of the extent and effects of intercultural contacts across Europe and the Mediterranean rim, opening up a new understanding of early medieval civilisation and its continuing influence in both Western and Eastern cultures today. Learn More

  3. Answers to the New First Aid in English

    Achieve the best possible standard with this essential companion to the landmark book of traditional practice and guidance. This supporting book contains all the answers to the exercises in the bestselling First Aid in English. Learn More

  4. Best Practice Elementary : Business English in a Global Context

    Best Practice is a four-level business English course designed for both pre-work and in-work students. Learn More

  5. Learning to Learn for Life : Research and Practical Resources for Foundation and Key Stage 1

    This is the first book in the Learning to Learn for Life series of practical resource materials for everyone interested in developing better schools and lifelong learners. It has a particular emphasis on Foundation and Key Stage 1 Learn More

  6. Gadamer : A Guide for the Perplexed

    Gadamer : A Guide for the Perplexed Guides for the Perplexed English Learn More

  7. Second Language Identities

    Second Language Identities examines how identity is an issue in different second language learning contexts Learn More

  8. Beethoven's Symphonies Five and Seven : A Closer Look

    This book aids the listener in getting beneath the surface of Beethoven's two beloved symphonies.Composers often write pieces in highly contrasting moods in very close proximity. But no composer took this process further than Beethoven. Learn More

  9. Fredric Jameson

    Widely regarded as one of America's most important cultural theorists, Fredric Jameson has been at the forefront of the field of literary and cultural studies since the early 1970s. Learn More

  10. Involving Parents

    Classmates is an exciting series launched in September 2003 from Continuum. Packed with practical advice, and written in a witty and accessible style, these essential guides will tackle all the key aspects of teaching. Learn More