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  1. Shelley's Frankenstein

    This is the perfect study guide to Shelley's classic gothic novel, "Frankenstein" - a key text for introductory literature courses at undergraduate level.Mary Shelley's classic gothic novel, "Frankenstein", is one of the most widely studied and read novels in English Literature. Learn More

  2. The Inclusion Toolkit

    With downloadable electronic resources Are you looking for ways to make your classroom more inclusive to children with learning difficulties? The practical strategies suggested in this book are supported by current research into effective teaching and learning, and the author shows you how inclusion friendly teaching could look in your classroom. Learn More

  3. The Dyscalculia Resource Book : Games and Puzzles for ages 7 to 14

    Ronit Bird is an experienced teacher with an excellent reputation for helping children to understand maths. This book offers 100 photocopiable games and puzzles to help teach key aspects of numeracy. Learn More

  4. Answers to the New First Aid in English

    Achieve the best possible standard with this essential companion to the landmark book of traditional practice and guidance. This supporting book contains all the answers to the exercises in the bestselling First Aid in English. Learn More

  5. Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology : The Digital Revolution and Schooling in America

    The digital revolution has hit education, with more and more classrooms plugged into the whole wired world. Learn More

  6. English after the Fall : From Literature to Textuality

    Robert Scholes's now classic Rise and Fall of English was a stinging indictment of the discipline of English literature in the United States. In English after the Fall, Scholes moves from identifying where the discipline has failed to providing concrete solutions that will help restore vitality and relevance to the discipline Learn More

  7. English Language Learning Materials : A Critical Review

    This research collection presents a critical review of the materials used for learning English around the world. The first section includes a discussion of materials for specific learners and purposes, such as young learners, self-study, academic writing and general proficiency Learn More

  8. Second Language Identities

    Second Language Identities examines how identity is an issue in different second language learning contexts Learn More

  9. King Leopold's Ghost : A story of greed, terror and heroism

    WINNER OF THE 1999 DUFF COOPER PRIZE. 'Brilliant .. this book must be read and re-read' Neal Ascherson'. 'A hundred years ago, enlightened people in the western world were outraged by a holocaust in Africa which left millions dead Learn More

  10. Translation, Humour and Literature: Translation and Humour v. 1

    Translation studies and humour studies are disciplines that have been long-established but seldom looked at in conjunction. This volume uses literature as the common ground and examines issues of translating humour within a range of different literary traditions Learn More