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  1. Contemporary Women Writers Look Back : From Irony to Nostalgia

    Long before John Barth announced in his famous 1967 essay that late twentieth-century fiction was "The Literature of Exhaustion," authors have been retelling and recycling stories. Learn More

  2. Intercultural Transmission in the Medieval Mediterranean

    This volume presents evidence of the extent and effects of intercultural contacts across Europe and the Mediterranean rim, opening up a new understanding of early medieval civilisation and its continuing influence in both Western and Eastern cultures today. Learn More

  3. Daddy's Apprentice : Incest, Corruption, and Betrayal: A Survivor's Story

    Daddy's Apprentice : Incest, Corruption, and Betrayal: A Survivor's Story Learn More

  4. Happy Families : Insights into the Art of Parenting

    This highly topical and relevant book for parents will help with raising not only life long learners, but children with long and happy learned lives Learn More

  5. Writing Science : How to Write Papers That Get Cited and Proposals That Get Funded

    As a scientist, you are a professional writer: your career is built on successful proposals and papers. Success isn't defined by getting papers into print, but by getting them into the reader's consciousness. Learn More

  6. Right Jokes for the Right Occasion

    Need a topical joke or two to add a bit of spice to that speech? Or just looking to widen your repertoire and fall about laughing as you do? Learn More

  7. Harold Pinter

    This is a succinct examination of Nobel prize-winner, Harold Pinter's creative output, providing introduction to drama (including theatre, film, TV and radio) and Pinter's letters prose and journalism. Learn More

  8. Statistical Pattern Recognition

    From engineering to statistics, from computer science to the social sciences, 'Statistical Pattern Recognition' shows how closely these fields are related in terms of application. Learn More

  9. The Chemical Choir : A History of Alchemy

    In this title, the history of alchemy traced from its earliest roots through to its influence in modern-day science Learn More

  10. The Creationist Debate : The Encounter Between the Bible and the Historical Mind

    This book places the present Creationist opposition to the theory of evolution in historical context by setting out the ways in which, from the seventeenth century onwards, investigations of the history of the earth and of humanity have challenged the biblical views of chronology and human destiny, and the Christian responses to these challenges. Learn More